Magnetize Consultants Ltd Another blow for the postal service?

Another blow for the postal service?

The UK’s fastest growing advertising medium, the internet, has finally overtaken direct mail this month by grabbing 15% of UK advertising revenues.

The figures, just released by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), show online advertising hitting a half-year record of £1.33 billion and overtaking the traditional direct mail medium which is losing market share.

Of this total, pay-per-click advertising, such as Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing, scooped 57.1% of the market. This is hardly surprising at a time when 1.4 billion search queries are submitted each month and over 80% result in a click-through.

Online classified ads showed the largest growth though, up 72% on last years figures. This has come as a blow to the print industry as businesses move their budgets towards the often cheaper and more targeted online portals.

With 52% of UK adults now online at home and 90% of those on broadband, advertisers can now access a wide audience and feed them highly visual, creative content that could not have been achieved with dial-up. The ability to include sound, video and probably most importantly, direct links to their websites where often customers can buy there and then, is bound to be a huge draw. Add to this the accuracy of targeting customers through search engines such as Google and you may well wonder why anyone would place a print ad ever again!

Posted on 15/11/2007
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