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Website Statistics

Having data about visitors to your website allows you to make informed decisions.

Knowledge is power and having data about visitors to your website allows you to make informed decisions about a range of factors such as site structure and content, product pricing and marketing campaign budget. We can provide you with this knowledge and help you to analyse the best way to act on it.

  • Learn how your website is used by your visitors
  • Gauge the success of online marketing campaigns
  • Gather usage data in order to fine tune your site


  • Based on the fully featured Google Analytics platform
  • View basic statistics like visitor numbers, sources and types, time spent on site, entry pages, exit pages and bounce rates
  • Set up advanced statistics such as conversion tracking, funnels and goals
  • Consultation and analysis available
  • Reports delivered by email


Standard web statistics are provided as part of our web hosting packages. For clients requiring more in-depth information, we provide consultation and a cost-effective way to analyse visitor habits and refine performance with our Advanced Analytics service.

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