Domain Names

We can help you find and register the right domain name for your website.

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Competitive pricing:

  • We can help you chose a memorable name with the most appropriate extension(s)
  • We can also manage your domains for you, looking after configuration and renewals

Your domain name is the most important aspect of your website, use these simple steps to find the perfect domain for your site.

Keep it short

The easier to type your website name the quicker it will be found and remembered.

Dot what?

There are several different suffixes available for purchase today, we recommend .com or as they are the first extensions people try when searching.

Avoid Trademarks

Simple really, don't use trademarks in your name as it may lead to a legal battle.

Register your choice NOW

Short eye catching domain names are being snatched up at an alarming rate, don't miss out on perfect domain.

One, is it enough?

You can register multiple suffixs (eg. .com and so others don't poach traffic from your site. Also why not register your company name and your product, for example &, this will help maximize your internet presence.

Valid Characters

Domain names can only use a combination of letters, numbers and dashes. Spaces and symbols are not allowed. Domain names are also not case sensitive.

Do your research

Look around, search the internet for similar competing companies and see what names they are using. Remember it helps when the domain name is self explanitory (eg.

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