We know what keywords your clients use to search for your website.

Think about the traffic you want to target, we can help you refine and optimize your website to get this traffic.

Phase one, get all the research done.

  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Statistics
  • Keyword Analysis

Phase 2, Implement the plan.

  • Keyword Strategy
  • Keyword Copy
  • Keyword Implementation

If you can target the correct key words you are sure to get results.

Example “Kitchen”

A generic search term such as “Kitchen” might yield 3000 hits a day, this could include people who want to view, purchase or get repairs done to their kitchens, but might only have a few people who are interested in your service “Kitchen Instillation”.

If you were to introduce a second keyword such as “Kitchen Instillation” (2500 hits a day) you can refine the search traffic in your favour and get 2500 people who are interested in your service.  

Then by taking this a stage further by adding additional keywords / phrases like “Kitchen fitting” (2300 hits a day) you will get an increased combined result of 4800 hits a day, this is an improvement over the original 3000 hits a day for “kitchen”, so you have increased your hits to 4800 a day and by adding the second key words (instillation and fitting) and you have also refined your search traffic so the people that are visiting your site are more likely to buy your service or products.

Magnetize can help you refine and optimize the Keywords on you website, so you not only get increased visitors but the right kind of visitors.

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