Mobile Websites and Applications

World Wide Web is going mobile, usage is up by 300% since January 2011*

After the release of the smart phone the World Wide Web is going mobile, the use of mobile devices to browse the web is up by 300% since January 2011 (

The standard Smartphone today has a large touch screen, nice user interface, and is highly optimized for browsing the web; your website should be optimised to function seamlessly on smart phones.

The design challenges can be interesting, but if you have the design experience on your side then you can achieve your goal and produce a simple, stylish mobile website.

Web Applications:

Do you need a custom application to improve your business?

Magnetize has a team of seasoned developers that are currently creating custom web applications for specific clients.

The requirement for a web app usually comes about as the client needs to improve a process either save time, money or just get organised better, some of our recent web applications are:

Express Register:

Express Register has become the core referral point by Architects & Engineers currently using it because of the remote and online convenience, the time saving value of storage, communication and file delivery and the internal filing and administration flawlessness.

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3D Kit Builder:

The new 3D Kit Designer is used to generate multiple clothing products in different categories for sports clubs all over the country.

Special Features:

  • Design your own kit
  • Add your sponsors logos
  • Add numbers to your kit
  • Get a quote
  • Share your designs on social networking sites
  • Email the designs to your friends
  • Print the designs

Project Time sheet: (PTS)

PTS is a ground breaking project system that was created for client in the aeronautical engineering industry; the application allows the client to:

  • Manage complex projects (Example: A380 Airbus testing rig)
  • Manage all personnel – Employees and freelancers
  • Issue and track Jobs across all projects
  • Check project performance
  • Full reporting
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