Google Chrome - Is it any good?

California-based search-engine giant Google's own browser, labelled Chrome, has officially been launched today as, initially as a beta. The question on everyone's mind though - is it any good?

These days users are spoilt by the choices of web browsers available. There is good ol' Internet Explorer 7 by Microsoft, which is bundled with Windows Vista and available for download for older versions of their operating systems. Not to mention the presence of Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple's Safari for both Mac and PC.

Chrome features all of the usual modern trickey that you see in other browsers such as tabbing, with the addition of a new 'incognito' mode - where users can leave no trace of their online activity and remain in utter privacy.

However, in its present guise, Google Chrome doesn't offer a whole lot new to users, so if you're happy with your current browser, you may not find much reason to switch to it.

Posted on 03/09/2008
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