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SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates bring encryption, validation, and trustworthiness to your website.

With search engines now penalising websites that don't use an SSL Certificate it's never been more important to add extra security to your website. Encrypting the connection between your website and your users will prevent potential hackers from seeing data passed between the two.

An SSL Certificate will show your customers that you are taking protecting their data seriously which will make them more trusting of your website, leading to an increase in leads and sales.

What do you get with an SSL Certificate?

The Padlock

Websites with an SSL Certificate have a padlock at the start of the address bar, this shows customers
that their data is being encrypted so they will be more trusting of the site and more likely to submit information to you.

No Paperwork

For our basic SSL installation we use certificates
with strong 256-bit encryption that don't require
paperwork to be filled out, this allows us to install certificates quickly as the validation doesn't
take as long.

Site Seal

The certificates we use come with a static site seal that can be placed on your website to further reassure customers that they are browsing on a secure website. It's not required but if you feel the padlock is not enough we can add the site seal to your site.

Want to know more?

If you are looking for more information on SSL Certificates please contact us.