Support & After-Sales

Our support team is here to help you.

Although the solutions we create are always straightforward and user-friendly, training and support helps our clients to use their new facilities adeptly and confidently and therefore derive maximum value from them.

  • Make the most from your new website
  • Ensure problems are resolved quickly and efficiently
  • Ensure the productivity of your employees


We provide a number of different services to support our clients:


We offer both on-site and remote training sessions for groups or individuals. We use live demonstrations and walk-throughs to illustrate the relevant features of the Magnetize BOS and/or any bespoke functionality that your particular solution may contain.

User support

Business hours user support is also available, giving you and your employees a framework within which to get any questions answered quickly. If you forget how to resize an image or change a user's password, we can give you an immediate answer over the phone or via email.

Support (maintenance) Packages:

Magnetize website support (maintenance) packages are tailored to meet your business needs; we work with you to provide a real and measurable return on investment.


We are able to provide both standard and extended warranties with all our solutions to ensure your total protection.

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