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Magnetize has been providing website design services to businesses in Cheltenham and Gloucestershire for many years now, the Magnetize BOS, can be designed and customized to your exact requirements.

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Our website design solutions are used by several national and international companies, some local company examples are: Castleford James (Cheltenham), Eight Legal (Cheltenham), CYPSP (Gloucester). All of the websites that we create are designed and developed in our UK Headquarters in Staverton near Cheltenham.

Magnetize have also recently worked with some of the UK's leading online department stores such as Debenhams, to provide fully integrated website design solutions.

We are currently working with the Caravan Owners Club to design and develop their new website, users of the site will be able to purchase items online from a chain of 100+ nationwide stores, check availability with 9000+ caravan sites throughout the UK and check the local weather! This site will launch with over 100,000+ pre populated online users.

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